Recent Publications

Several submissions were printed over the last few months. These span topics from remote hearing aid programming to the prescription of hearing aids in cases of cochlear dead regions.

  • Galster, J.A., (2012). Prescribing hearing aids for cochlear dead regions, The Hearing Journal, 65(11), 16-18. Read Article 
  • Galster, J.A. & Stevens, K. (2012). What’s New About NAL-NL2? Hearing Review, 19(9), 28-31. Read Article
  • Galster, J.A., & Abrams, H.B. (2012). Are you ready for remote hearing aid programming? Hearing Review, 19(10), 26-28. Read Article
  • Galster, J.A. & Abrams, H.B. (2012, July/August). Connected Health: Bridging the patient and professional, ENT & Audiology News, 73-74. Read Article
  • Galster, J.A. (2012). Apps for audiology. Audiology Practices, 4(3), 16-19. Read Article

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