Tinnitus Treatment through Sound Therapy

For the patient suffering from tinnitus, management of this persistent internal sound can be debilitating. Most treatment plans have converged on a format that includes sound therapy with a device presenting distracting noise or tonal sounds. Prior to the reviewed study, few randomized control trials with hearing aids featuring sound therapy had been completed. Read on to learn about the work of Henry and colleagues, who report on the benefits of hearing aids alone and hearing aids with a feature for tinnitus sound therapy.

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Henry, J., Frederick, M., Sell, S., Griest, S. & Abrams, H. (2014). Validation of a novel combination hearing aid and tinnitus therapy device. Ear and Hearing, e-published ahead of print, September 2014.

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  1. Tinnitus can be a really annoying thing. For me I have had it my whole life and did not even notice until someone described the symptoms to me. I have taken St. John’s Wort to combat it and I actually missed the ringing. Things got too quite for my liking. Great post!

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