Another piece in the puzzle of hearing aid use and cognitive decline

Many individuals with hearing loss go without hearing aids, if causal linkage exists between increased risk of cognitive decline or dementia due to untreated hearing loss the implications are of meaningful concern for a large population of older adults. These factors have motivated a swell of interest in relationships among declining hearing ability, cognition, and memory for our aging population.

The reviewed study offers a longitudinal look at changes in screened cognitive ability as a function of self-reported hearing status.

Amieva, H., Ouvrard, C., Giulioli, C., Meillon, C., Rullier, L. & Dartigues, J.F. (2015) Self-Reported Hearing Loss, Hearing Aids and Cognitive Decline in Elderly Adults: A 25-Year Study. Journal of the American Geriatric Society 63 (10), 2099-2104.

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