On the Topic of Hearing Loss and Fatigue

In 2013, we reviewed an article from Dr. Ben Hornsby in which he reported on an initial foray into the fatiguing effects of listening to speech while managing a cognitively challenging secondary task (read here). The outcomes of his investigation suggested that use of hearing aids may reduce fatiguing effects of completing that secondary task. In more recent work, Drs Hornsby and Kipp assessed utility of standardized measures of fatigue among a large group of subjects with hearing loss.

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Hornsby, B. & Kipp, A. (2016). Subjective ratings of fatigue and vigor in adults with hearing loss are driven by perceived hearing difficulties not degree of hearing loss. Ear and Hearing 37 (1), 1-10.

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  1. Hi Jason,
    Just finished with a webinar from Karrie Recker who mentioned your word lists for evaluating frequency sift algorithms.
    She said it was available as a free download from your website, but I cannot see it on here, so could you send me a link please.


    Chris Carr

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