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Does hearing aid use slow cognitive decline?

Prolonged, untreated hearing loss has been linked to increased social isolation, decreased brain volume, and range of subjective and objective declines in cognitive abilities. Hearing aids have been shown to beneficially affect some of these traits but a great deal of unknown details remain. A number of active studies aim to answer the question “does hearing aid use slow cognitive decline?”. The work of Deal and colleagues is a valuable step toward finding that answer.

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Deal, J., Sharrett, A., Albert, M., Coresh, J., Mosley, T., Knopman, D., Wruck, L. & Lin, F. (2015). Hearing impairment and cognitive decline: A pilot study conducted within the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities Neurocognitive Study. American Journal of Epidemiology 181 (9), 680-690.